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Frequently Asked Questions



works with a network of over 200 private fully accredited Universities that grant degrees based on Background Experience.
Each University is privately owned and is able to grant worldwide recognized degrees.
We are unable to list the names of the Universities here due to a confidentiality agreement we signed with the schools but rest assured each school has a functioning professional website and will provide education verification as a free service to you.

You will be matched up with the University that best suits your needs upon completion of the RESUME

Are the credits and the degree From AFARAND accepted at other colleges?

Colleges treat our credits the way they treat credits from ANY other institution: On a case-by-case basis. Some colleges and universities are very open to accepting credits from other institutions, some are very restrictive.
Do AFARAND accept my coursework from other schools?
Yes. All course with a "C" or above will be considered, just send us the documentation/transcript on the coursework you've completed, and we can determine if it will grant you credit toward your degree program with AFARAND . Many students who enter a graduate degree program have some formal graduate education and advanced work experiences for which credit can be granted towards the particular degree required. The Admissions Committee evaluates these credits and determines whether and which credits can be applied to the various courses required for the program.
Tell me more about the degrees on the basis of background?
Degrees on the basis of background is a concept that originated in 1987 and evolved from the philosophy of getting some course credits on the basis of experience as offered by the top schools in the United States of America.
A background degree suits individuals who possess basic to expert level exposure and experience in a specific field but lack educational documents to prove themselves. Without a degree these individuals are held back, struggling for jobs and promotions. Through background degrees these individuals can now get recognition for their skills and talents from an accredited university in just 21 days.
These background degrees are now widely accepted and have received accreditation status from various prestigious institutions and organizations.
Click here to apply for a background degree in your desired field of study and get recognized for your skills.


Are degrees offered by AFARAND recognized and accepted worldwide?
Degrees offered by AFARAND are granted by Berkeley University which is a fully accredited and recognized university. Berkeley University is awarded the status of accreditation from various official and semi-official institutes around the world. some major accreditations agencies that granted Berkeley University the accreditation status are:

National Education Association (NEA)
Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)
Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)
American Association for Higher Education(AAHE)
Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC)
Computing Sciences Accreditation Board(CSAB)
Association of Governing Boards (AGB)
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT)
Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA)
Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA)

All degrees granted by Berkeley University are therefore fully accredited and recognized.  

What is accreditation? Why is it necessary to have an accredited degree?
Accreditation is a term generally used to indicate that an institution has met a set of standards promulgated by a governing board or society. Following are the major benefits a student/working adult receives from an accredited university:

An assurance that the institution is globally recognized and meets certain quality educational standards.
An assurance that the degrees it awards will provide the benefits that are associated with. 
high-quality educational standards.
Having a degree from an accredited educational institution ensures that your educational documents will have a global recognition and acceptance.

Click here to apply for an accredited degree in your desired field of study and get recognized for your skills.
I live outside the USA Can I still apply for my desired degree?
Yes !  Regardless of where you live, you can apply for our background degree program.

Tell me more about Berkeley University?
Berkeley is a fully accredited university offering traditional programs both online and offline. It has been recognized as the leading on-line distance-learning provider for the past several years. Having awarded degrees to 54,000 students in 2,500 different courses in 150 fields of study, Berkeley enjoys a reputation as one of the top universities in the world.

Apart from offering traditional programs, Berkeley also offers degrees on the basis of work/background through its partner sites. AFARAND is proud to be associated with Berkeley as a partner for its background degree program
How is AFARAND associated with Berkeley University?
AFARAND is proud to be associated with Berkeley University for its background degree program.
What does my total package contain?
When you order your degree package from us, you get a set of free documents along with your degree and transcript. Following are the total contents of your degree package:

1 Original Accredited Degree    
2 Original Transcripts
1 Award of Excellence
1 Certificate of Distinction
1 Certificate of Membership
3 Education Verification Letters
1 Graduation ID Card
1 Legalization

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Can I order extra additional items, other than the ones included in the package?
Yes, you may order extra copies of the additional items in the package from the order form. The additional documents include:

1 Award of Excellence
1 Certificate of Distinction
1 Certificate of Membership
3 Education Verification Letters
1 Graduation ID Card
1 Legalization 
I am applying to several places at a time and need around 100 or more education verification letters. Can I order them from the order form?
You can order as many as 50 education verification letters at a time from our order form. If you need 100 copies of the education verification letter, kindly place your order twice.
Will you use words like online or background on the degrees and certificates in the package?
The degrees and certificates we award do not contain words like online or background. Your degree would be just like any traditional degree.

Furthermore, unlike other universities, our evaluation committee will actually award you scores for the subjects that fall under your field of study on your transcript. (Many universities simply write Pass which makes it apparent that the degree is based on background.)

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What's the purpose of the education verification letter included in the package?
It has been recorded that in the United States of America, 20% of all employers require job applicants to verify their educational documents by supplying a verification letter from the registrar's office of the college/university which issued their degree. Any degree package that you order at our site contains four copies of an education verification letter issued by the University. This letter contains the particulars of the degree holder, such as his/her enrolled program, GPA, the year in which the degree was earned, etc. You can submit this education verification letter whenever required. Employers, educational institutions, etc. receiving this letter can verify your credentials by visiting the link provided in the letter. If you require additional copies of this letter, you may place an order on our on-line order form. If your employer requires documents be sent directly to him, we can do so upon a request from you. The documents would be sent from the University's postal address. This will help you in building confidence that your degree and all other credentials have been obtained from a recognized institution.
Which degree programs are offered at your site?
We provide AFARAND based on work or background. This means you can earn degrees based on the knowledge you have gained through such background as work, military training, child rearing, volunteer work, etc.

There is no need to attend classes or to take exams. The degree and certificates are sent to your specified address within 21 days from the day you place the order.

Click a link to read further details of the various programs:

Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Doctorate Degree
Associate Degree
High School Diploma