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AFARAND University Degree

Why You Should Earn Your University Degree

1- Every year that you work without a Degree costs you more than tuition for a Degree Program would cost.
2- Every year that you work without a Degree allows to pass you on the ladder toward your goals.

Apply now if your are tired of training new hires only to watch them get promoted over you because you do not have a Degree.

Ask yourself these questions:

· Am I satisfied with my level of education?

· Does my level of Education reduce the number of potential marriage partners?

o Will a high paid Professional wish to date and/or marry me if my only academic achievement is a high school diploma?

o Can I expect to continue to support my family without a University Degree?

· How impressive is my high school diploma in the Professional World?

o Will I be embarrassed if my co-workers and/or employer find out that my highest academic honor is a high school diploma?

· Does my level of Education provide a good example for my own children?

· If I was the Employer, would I hire myself with my limited education, before hiring someone with a Degree?

· Do the jobs that are of interest to me require a Degree?

· Do employers in my field demand a Degree as a pre-requisite for most jobs?

· Is it likely that a Degree will be required of me, in the future, if I wish to retain my job?

· Do new hires, for my job, have Degrees?

· Even though I have years of experience, could I move to another employer and earn comparable money without a Degree?

· If my company has to downsize, will not having a Degree put my head on the chopping block early in the rounds of layoffs?

· Can I expect to be promoted to Middle Management without a Masters Degree?

· Since I have years of Life Background , why don't I apply for the Accelerated Degree Program at AFARAND ?

o The Interview and Evaluation are FREE.

o I can provide two letters of recommendation.

o I can provide a full resume.

o I can document my qualifications.

o Tuition is reasonable.

o Payment programs are available.

AFARAND offers qualified men and women the opportunity to earn their degree with Life Background /Education. Students who earn sufficient units with Life Background, to graduate, may apply for graduation immediately without taking additional classes.

Qualified Individuals who wish to use the Life Background Option may "Challenge" each class with Their Life Background /Education.

At most universities, the "Challenge" of a College Class is in the form of a student paying the tuition, taking the final examination for a course, and receiving college credit if the examination is passed. AFARAND uses "Authentic Assessment" instead of a written final examination. The Challenge, by Authentic Assessment, is in the form of a student's demonstrated ability and knowledge that may be verified from a resume and/or an applicant's work history.

· by using Life Background /Education

o AFARAND will grant credit for many things that you have learned by self-education, work experience, military experience or Life Background /Education that you could have learned in a college class.

o Transfer Students are welcome

· Why repeat classes "because your units are too old"

· Why repeat classes "because your new school refuses to accept more than a few units in transfer"

· Why delay graduation for another year "because graduation requirements have changed"

· Why continue to pay high tuition?

· Why delay receiving your Degree?

· Why continue to fight traffic and parking?

· Why tolerate boring classes that move at the rate of the slowest student?

· Why settle for someone else's idea of a meaningful curriculum?

· Why not make a move and study the things that interest you while earning your Degree?

· Or, earn your Degree immediately using your Life Background /Education

· Full Application and Evaluation of your Life Background /Education may be completed by telephone.

o Information provided during the telephone interview must be supported by verifiable documentation on a Resume, Transcripts, Licenses, State Credentials, Evidence of Military Service (ERB or ORB), Letters and/or other evidence as requested by the University.